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The Maintenance of Battery Bumper Car

Apr. 14, 2022

Bumper cars are amusement equipment that both adults and children like to play. In addition to its good quality, a good battery bumper car must also be closely related to the correct operation and maintenance in normal times, and develop a good correct use habit, which has played a crucial role in the service life of the battery and motor of the bumper car. IFUN PARK recommends some methods to do more maintenance, more power assistance, and frequent charging.


1. Maintenance 

Keep car body clean and prevent rust or rotating parts caused by the sun and rain. When driving bumper car pass through small puddles or driving in the rainy day, the water level should not be higher than the center line of the wheel shaft to prevent water damage to the motor. The tire should be inflated enough to reduce the frictional resistance between the tire and the road. Always care about braking performance to ensure driving safety. If the selected motor is a brushed motor, you should ask a special repair center to maintain the electric wheel and replace the lubricant after half a year of riding (about 3000 kilometers).

The Maintenance of Battery Bumper Car

2. Power assistance

Utilizing the multi-function advantages of bumper cars, the most ideal method of use is to assist the car to move, to assist the pedestrian with electricity, and to link human power and electricity, which saves both energy and energy. At the start, use the pedals to ride to a certain speed and then accelerate with electricity. When driving uphill, carrying a heavy load, or driving in a reverse direction, human riding can help to avoid super-high current discharge of the battery, increase the mileage on a single charge, help extend the battery life, and protect the motor. Of course, without assistance, the controller has a limited flow effect, and the bumper car will not be damaged.

The Maintenance of Battery Bumper Car

3. Charge 

Develop a good charging habit, charge it after use, and keep the battery fully charged. Due to the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, frequent discharges are not allowed, especially if the storage time is too long after a power failure, it will cause the crystallization of chemical substances in the lead-acid battery, which will vulcanize the battery plate and shorten the battery life. Battery Life. Electrical preservation is a magic weapon to increase the life of lead-acid batteries. A fully charged battery must be charged once a month. When charging, please use the matching charger in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity, and do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock.

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