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How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

Apr. 14, 2022

Game machines are very popular among young people, and game center not only brings happiness for young people but also makes them learn more during their playing. Therefore,as the operator of the game center, now how to place the equipment of game center is an issue that the operator must consider-a problem that the proper placement can attract more young people's attention.


In the game center, the placement of the game machines has a great impact on the customers who are playing. If the more popular equipment is placed in a very hidden place, it will easily cause the loss of customers. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the placement of game machines.

1. Golden position

The popular video game machine can be placed at the entrance of the indoor entertainment center or at a golden location such as the cash register. Of course, it can also be tested in multiple places to find the best golden location, and then video game machines can be adjusted accordingly.

How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

2. Leave enough space

Leave enough space between the game machines to allow players to have enough space to prevent being bumped or scratched while playing. If you want game center business to flourish, you must start from the customer's point of view and meet their needs to the greatest extent.

How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

3. Complementary

According to the benefits of game center, the equipment of the game city should be exchanged with each other and relative characteristics to increase the profit of the entire game city. With complementary advantages, it can drive the popularity of other game machines. In terms of placement, It is necessary to pay attention to the patchwork, and create an interesting contrast.

The novel game machines must be placed in a prominent position to increase the popularity of game center. The purpose of this is to make more players know about the update of game machines.

How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

5. According to function

Placed according to the function, different functions can be placed together, allowing the players to have fun playing.

How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

6. Fixed

Since some children's game consoles may experience some slight vibrations during operation, if they are not fixed, it is easy to cause safety hazards. Therefore, when the machine is placed in the game center, you must take fixed measures to reduce Vibration occurs, and in wind and rain, many equipment will be moved, causing danger, and fixed measures are also essential.

How to Put Game Machines in Game Center

The above six points are the analysis brought by IFUN PARK  for everyone. To make the game hall business continue to boom, we must work hard and use our brains, and the placement of game machines is only one of the aspects.

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