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A very interesting game machine: basketball game machine..

Sep. 16, 2023

1. Get taller and improve your aerobic capacity

Basketball game machine.

Although anaerobic exercise is good for all aspects of body development,

 the biggest benefits should be in growing size and improving aerobic strength.

 Because a basketball game is a quick cardio workout. After a shooting game, 

the number of shots can be as high as 200 times, and the biomechanical signal obtained by the bone is "to survive, 

it must grow up"! The high-intensity interval exercise of the basketball machine is one of 

the most effective methods of aerobic training at the muscle level.

2. Improve sensory integration

Basketball game machine.

Research shows that many modern psychological and developmental disorders, such as autism, 

stem from problems with sensory integration, the brain's ability to coordinate information between the senses. 

Exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective interventions for autism, making it one of the best sensory integration exercises.

3. Basketball machine can improve decision making.

Basketball game machine. 

Time determines victory! Those who have participated in competitive sports must have had the experience of failure,

 and life is actually the same. How to learn lessons from failure and go to a higher level is the biggest gain for every sports person from the experience of failure.

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