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Kids Moto

What is the Advantages of kiddie ride?

1.Innovative design hot sale kiddie rides with 3d HD screen

2.Two dimensional movements, it can be up and down, play with musics

3.Two people can sit, game time can adjustable.

4.Popular music and dynamic games, children's favorite.

5.Factory direct sale, high quality, low price .


How to Play:

1. Kids sit in the car;
2. insert coin to start the game;
3. Game begain,the machine begin to swing back and forth;
4. MP3 play children's song at the same time;
5. The machine automatically stops when the set time is up.



●Kids Moto coin operated machines is specially designed for kids to play ride;

●Fashion appearance design,colorful LED,beautiful and attractive;

●Lovely car design and wonderful music attract kids;

●On and wobble on the seat with wonderful music of nursery rhymes;

●Stable back and forward, very safe for kids to sit in;
●It makes kids feel fun and comfortable;
●Hot and saleable in the world market;
● It's suit for rental shop, supermarket, amusement park and other business purpose.

1 Player

ASSEMBLED Depth Width Height Weight
DIMENSIONS 155cm 60cm 118cm 40kg
SHIPPING Depth Width Height Weight
POWER Volts Watts
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