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GTI Asia China Expo

Apr. 15, 2022

Time:  October 9-12, 2019

Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex


Guangzhou is a very inclusive city, where countless foreigners live and live here, and countless foreigners come to China for tourism and business.

In 2019, the epidemic has not yet begun. There are many Chinese buyers and foreign buyers at the exhibition, and the flow of people is endless, which can be said to be a grand event.

Each of our ifun park employees who participated in the exhibition warmly entertained every customer, introduced our factory to customers, introduced our machines, and led customers to play with our machines. Miss that scene so much, busy but happy. We took many precious pictures and videos at the exhibition.

Many customers accepted our invitation to visit Ifun factory after the exhibition, and we lead customers to play more than 200 samples in our showroom. Customers love our team and machines very much and many customers place orders directly with us.

Our products in this exhibition include: Clown Frenzy, Forest bowling, Greedy monster, Rainbow Castle, King of Shark ,Boom ball, Happy Scooping. Each one is a very good lottery machine, and is a good choice for game center !

GTI Asia China Expo

GTI Asia China Expo

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